Optimal service by building our own systems

Our IT

At our IT-department, we value direct contact, technical challenges and a friendly atmosphere. We explicitly say our IT: almost all of our applications are built in-house. You might wonder why. Well, we are a health insurance company and therefore we must keep up with the wishes of our end-users and implement changes in law and regulations. Also, we enjoy keeping up with the latest technical developments and keeping matters in our own hands.


Working agile in small teams while being part of a large and innovative IT-department. All trainees start their career with an extensive program: learning C#, SQL and getting to know scrum. Afterwards they join a scrum team in which they are guided by experienced developers. We also warmly invite everyone to attend various social activities, like: gamenights, skiing trips, monthly drinks, running events and open mic nights.


A study in Computer Science is probably the best preparation for a job at our IT-department. However, we think that other related educations (like: Mathematics, Physics or Chemical Engineering) can also be a good fundament for our IT-traineeship. For us the most important ingredients are proven analytical capabilities and the will to help us improve and innovate our IT.


Check out werkenbijdsw.nl for a more complete presentation of what working at DSW can be like. However, we prefer getting to know you during the SingularIT conference. We hope to see you there!