Technology for life

Technology for life

Nedap is all about ‘Technology for life’: developing products, propositions and solutions that make work more pleasant for people and increase their productivity. We focus on how people interact with technology, not on technology itself. At Nedap we believe in the versatility of people and organisations. We trust in the power of ideas and initiatives.

Wherever you go

As well as empowering patients and doctors, Nedap creates interactive shopping experiences for Adidas, provides security for major landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Burj Khalifa, helps farmers take care of their livestock, and even finds you a place to park your car in Amsterdam.

A flock of birds

Nedap is known for its culture of not having the hierarchical layers of management or ‘bosses’ you might expect in a global tech firm. Instead it’s a big pool of talented technology and marketing developers, creating innovative products in self-managing teams. At Nedap, you’re in control from day one.

CEO Ruben Wegman likes to compare Nedap to a flock of birds. 'We hire the smartest people in the country and rely on them to tell us where we should go, or what we should be developing. Having said that, a bright mind is not enough. If you can't think as an entrepreneur or work independently, you should not be in our flock.'

What makes you tick?

André Foeken, CTO Nedap Healthcare: 'At Nedap we believe that people make the difference. Both in our own company and in the things we build, we focus on trust and giving back control wherever possible. Rules are restrictive and stop people from making their own decisions. We help companies to set people free through technology and simply watch what happens. It is magical.' Andre will be joining the panel about societal impact on the 20th of November at SingularIT.

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